Gary has over 25 years recruitment experience, the latter twenty of which have been in Executive Search. Having worked with a number of established search firms over that time, he set up in business in January 2012 to bring something different to the Executive Search market.

A unique personality driven approach to compliment skills assessment ensures optimum chemistry fit between exec and business. He has become very well known as a leading Executive Search figurehead in the North of England and beyond, as well as an outspoken commentator. 

Gary has also been called the ‘go-to’ man for executive career advice in the North of England for an equally long period, never afraid to give counsel, advice and opinion and with a reputation for being straight talking. He is unparalleled in being able to offer insight and advice to execs seeking a new career move.

A broadening into Outplacement Services came on the back of personal requests from clients he had recruited for, as they in turn sought to help employees set to leave their businesses, but done with the best help, advice and practical assistance.

As a Headhunter, rather than career HR/Outplacement consultant, Gary is more effectively positioned within the executive search market, providing first hand intelligence and market knowledge to executive and managerial job seekers. His direct approach from that position of knowledge leaves him standing out from the large outplacement consultancies who themselves rely on 2nd hand insight, often with uninformed or dated advice.

With Gary, you are in the hands of the best advisors, positioned right in the middle of the very market a job seeking executive in turn seeks to dominate.

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“A breath of fresh air.”

Rachel Simpson