As with our Executive Search offering, our Outplacement service is bespoke, and unique.

Just like every executive we work with. We differ from large Outplacement/HR Consultancies by being first and foremost an Executive Search business.

We don’t need to understand the executive job market, we are in the middle of it; the advice we are able to give to outplaced executives is based on first-hand knowledge, not just via secondary market analysis.

We are recruiting for potential employers daily; we know what they want in skills, and chemistry.

We prepare people with the skills, the knowledge, the tools, the techniques and the attitude to take that next step in a career search. 

We are Headhunters; the career intermediaries. We receive 1000s of job applications & CVs each month; we know what makes a good approach and how to make it better.

In this changing world, beyond the network, beyond the CV, we additionally work on personal branding. You, your digital footprint and your message.

Placing all that in a bespoke, individualised service provides the ability to open the doors you didn’t know existed.

We do things differently.